Filming for BBC Urban Jungle

Article date: 03/07/2013

Sarah spent the last week filming in Cambridgeshire for a new programme for the BBC. The programme, called Urban Jungle, explores British urban wildlife lurking in some very unusual places! Sarah, who presented two of the three films included on the programme, made sure that plenty of insect stars were included!

The first film follows Sarah on a mission to find as many species as possible in just 24 hours! A live plea for wildlife sightings on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire led Sarah on a mission to find out what was causing Jesus College Green to look like winter! Sarah also meets with Cambridge-based experts to go hunting for bats, house martins and moths, whilst putting out her own baited carrion traps in search of burying beetles in graveyards!

Bird cherry ermine moth - Yponomeuta evonymella Elephant hawk moth - Deilephila elpenor Wasp beetles - Clytus arietis
Left to right: Bird cherry ermine moth Yponomeuta evonymella larval webs; elephant hawk moth Deilephila elpenor; wasp beetles Clytus arietis
In the second film, Sarah explores the plight of our swifts, meeting with swift expert Dick Newell who explains that modern building techniques are shutting the swifts out from their nest sites! Dick's relentless campaigning for swifts is quite remarkable, ensuring that swift nest boxes are installed in new buildings and existing dwellings. For more information on these remarkable birds, have a look at the Action for Swifts Blogspot.

The programme, which will be shown on BBC1 East at the end of July/beginning of August, is part of the BBC's Summer of Wildlife.